WorlMag is an urban magazine that was formed from World Power Multimedia, a media house based in East London. Worl Mag was formed by brain child Sheldon Middleton and his best friend Professor Ian of World Power Sound. As the pair had an intense schedule doing club dates and themed parties they brought in long time friends Carrie James and Jay’Clic click’ Nelson to make this publication a reality.

WorlMag is a printed publication that covers the entertainment scene in London and surrounding cities. The magazine is distributed across London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds and is available at local record stores and local businesses.

Even though the magazine was born from the dancehall scene in East London the team draw stories from across all genres of music. You can find videos of all the latest parties and interviews with a whole hosts of artists on their site http://www.worlmag.com. This arm of Worl Mag is run by “IT Girl”Patrice Buddington who hosts an “on the sofa” “in the party” style show.Patrice’s skills alongside talented camera man Luke Middleton makes each interview an entertaining treat.

Worlmag’s team ensure that the full entertainment package is delivered from all angles so dont stop flipping the pages…….


The Worl Mag team ……

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